Bamboo Rod Building Class

One Cane Rod Learn Shop

Two-day class in Bamboo Fly Rod Construction
Two—ten hour days (Saturday & Sunday)


Day One:

  1. Planing guide construction
  2. Sharpening plane
  3. Flaming culm
  4. Splitting strips
  5. Straightening strips
  6. Sanding nodes & scraping
  7. Four-degree splice block
  8. Splicing tips
  9. Gluing splices
  10. Planing to thickness
  11. Planing to taper
  12. Gluing up
Day Two:

  1. Planning to width
  2. Sanding edges
  3. Ferrules
  4. Tip-top
  5. Gluing ferrules
  6. Fitting cork grip
  7. Gluing grip
  8. Laying out guides & keeper
  9. Footing guides
  10. Attaching tip-top
  11. Wrapping guides
  12. Spray finishing
  13. Making rod bag
  14. Making rod tube
  15. Signing rod


This Learn Shop was designed for an individual who is interested in Cane Rod Building to gain the basic skills required while building a two-strip quad bamboo fly rod as a teaching exercise. Participants will leave with the following items:

  • A fishable quad bamboo fly rod from the “emma” or “wulff” series
  • Rod bag & tube
  • Skills needed to continue
  • Tools needed (planes & calipers provided during class)
  • Ordering information for supplies & consumables


Class Cost: $500 per participant
Group or individual classes offered


Instructor contact info:
Hank Gevedon
(606) 682-9177